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WC 1600 Power Rotation

WC-1600 power rotation provides you with effortless push of the button hydraulic rotation of your crane 350 degrees to the port or starboard keeping your swing totally under control by a hydraulic motor which prevents boom from swinging until you request it to. It is provided with the following features standard:

  • Material 6061 Aluminum for Base , Boom, Extension and Standpipe
  • Hydraulic Linear Winch With 20’ of Line Travel
  • 300 Percent of Rated Capacity
  • Proof Test of 125 Percent Done at Time of Assembly
  • Wireless Remote Proportional Control to Allow You to Control  Your Speed With Trigger Built Into Control
  • Manual Extension Stows at  8’ With 9,10,11,12 Foot Pin Positions to Allow Numerous Pick Points, Includes Spring Loaded Locking Pin, Optional
  • Hydraulic Extension 8-12 Feet Is Available
  • Hydraulic Luffing Is Standard to Allow You to Change Boom Angle Under Load
  • 12 or 24 Volt D/C Hydraulic  Power Unit Standard With Optional  110 or 220 Volt Available
  • 6-5/8” O.Do ½” Wall Standpipe 9 Feet Long Provided With Receiver for Base and Shear Transfer Collar  for Top Deck
  • Aluminum Shroud Cover to Dress up Standpipe Between Shear Transfer Collar and Top of Standpipe
  • Powder Coated to Color of Your Request
  • Teflon Keeper at the End of Extension for Securing Weight when Not in Use
  • Eye Bolt on Boom to Secure to Deck