We have your dinghy davits and yacht cranes

Eco Series 600, 800, 1000LB

Eco series of yacht cranes is an entry level crane designed for the budget minded individual that just needs something to lift his or her tender or watercraft on and off your vessel without all the bells and whistles of our higher end cranes. the eco comes with a standard 8 or 9 foot fixed boom with a manual pin cylinder with 2-gas shocks to aid you in raising to it’s pinned position when in use. It has the following features as part of the complete package and cost

  • Material is 6061 t6 aluminum extrusion
  • 8:1 hydraulic linear winch with 17 feet of line travel
  • Synthetic hoist cable ¼” amsteel grey 10:1  safety factor
  • 300percent of rated capacity
  • Proof test of 125 percent done at time of assembly
  • Remote pendant is standard, wireless available as an option
  • 1-function  line in and out with 2nd function of hydraulic lift cylinder as an option to allow changing of boom angle while under load
  • 12 0r 24 volt d/c hydraulic power unit  standard with an optional 110 or 220 ac voltage available
  • Manual rotation 360 degree
  • 4-1/2” o.d. standpipe  9 feet long is provided as standard with receiver for the base of standpipe and  shear transfer collar to the top deck to secure
  • Shear transfer collar is a floating collar to allow you to match  existing angle on your vessel
  • Powder coated to color of your request
  • Pedestal bases are available as an option in lieu of standard standpipe.