We have your dinghy davits and yacht cranes


Ease & Comfort

Our Dinghy Davits and Yacht Cranes were developed for ease and comfort of removing your tender, dinghy, and other watercraft.

Very Clean Look! No Side Protrusion

Our Dinghy Davits and Yacht Cranes do not have side protrusions which enhances the aesthetics of the very clean and sleek look of a Brower davit.

Low Profile

Manual rotation and hydraulic rotation Yacht Cranes have our innovative low profile davit system.

Smooth Effortless Rotation

Our Yacht Davit systems have a SEALED BEARING and a THREE-POINT BUSHING which allows a smooth, effortless rotation when launching and retrieving.

Silent Operation

Our Yacht Davit linear systems have a silent operation and the extensions can be extended manually or hydraulically.

Stainless Steel Nose

Our Dinghy Davits also come with a stainless steel extendable nose which is virtually maintenance-free.

Wireless Remote Control

Our Yacht Cranes come standard with a Wireless Remote Control for ease of maneuvering when launching and retrieving and when stowing the remote control.